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Escape the Heat, and Enjoy the View

Take the Elements Out of the Equation to Enjoy the View from your Home

New homes today feature contemporary windows allowing homeowners to view their surroundings without blinding sun, heat, or other elements affecting the function of the home. In the past, window treatments, blinds, and sun-blocking curtains were some of the common features homeowners had to use to protect the outside elements from affecting the inside of the home like heat, cold, or moisture. Not to mention, window treatments provided privacy from neighbors.

Windows today are built to protect any new home from the elements, add privacy, and provide large-scale open viewing of the outdoors. Southern Post Construction helps its customers choose the most effective windows for their new homes based on their design wishes. Homes in the subdivision, located in McAllen, TX, feature Andersen Windows.

Anderson Windows

Andersen Windows and Doors has been in operation since 1903, making this company a "trusted and recommended window and door brand by builders, contractors and architects" (, 2023). Andersen Windows provides:

  • Energy Efficiency tailored to your home's needs

  • Mondern designs to customize for your home

  • Best selection of innovative designs

In the Rio Grande Valley, windows need to reduce sunlight, reduce heat entering the home, and filter how much sunlight enters the home. Andersen windows provides all of these options and more.

Want to have a large window in your living room to view the beautiful palm trees? Imagine a sunroom to enjoy your pool and barbeque with protection from sun and pesky bugs. Andersen provides tinted sun filtering designs to enjoy the outdoors from the indoors.

Southern Post Construction wants to bring these design ideas to life. Their expertise in creative and effective design will complete your new home. Southern Post Construction is growing the Rio Grande Valley, and welcomes all new homeowners.

Visit Southern Post Construction today to fulfill all of your residential needs. Our team of experts are ready to build or renovate your home today.

–Mitzi Collinsworth, April 7, 2023

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