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Foolproof Your Roof

Weather is becoming more unpredictable today, and the right roof on your home will provide the protection you need. In South Texas, the weather brings blazing hot sun, high humidity, heavy rain, strong winds, and occasional severe weather. If your roof isn't foolproof, you could face water leaks, air leaks, and higher energy bills.

Southern Post Construction are experts in South Texas home building, and will make sure your roof provides the best protection with the lowest energy cost. That is why SPC uses Crown Roof Tiles on their new home designs.

Crown Roof Tiles are part of a larger global market in providing roof protection and design for over fifty years [1]. Crown Roof Tiles provide:

  • Durable Concrete Roof Tiles

  • Highest Fire Protection Rating

  • Water Proofing System

  • Thermal and UV Reflective Coating

  • Natural Raw Environmentally-Friendly Product

Due to the high fire rating, homeowners can also lower their home insurance cost.

Crown Roof Tiles not only provide superior protection, they also create major curb appeal. Give your home an eye-catching design with Crown Roof's wide variety of tiles to choose from. Find your color tone to style your home. You can choose from the following styles:

  • Mediterranean

  • Iberia

  • Tuscany

  • Spanish

  • Modern

No matter what you choose, Southern Post Construction will work with Crown Roof Tiles to make sure we foolproof your roof.

–Mitzi Collinsworth, April 29, 2023

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